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February 16 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:38 ]
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Welcome Ariel to her debut Hogtied appearance. Her dark hair and dark eyes attached to a killer flexible body is a formula for hotness. We met Ariel at Fetishcon this year and this girl made the entire trip worth it. Ariel is as tough as she is beautiful as she took the cane and some hard assorted foot torture. Throw in a Category 5 suspension and I personally cannot wait to get her back.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:00 ]
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We present the bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes, and lost footage from the critically acclaimed movie CABO: DAY OF THE DEAD Each night we got together and created a video diary of what it is really like on a location bondage set. Never before seen footage of Christina Carter, Dana DeArmond trying to act, and much more. Want to know what really happens on a bondage set? Then check out this bonus update, it's that fun.

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February 14 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:44 ]
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Leather straps constrict her body in a tight hogtie, face down on the padded box. New to bondage with only a handful of shoots in her past, she's never experienced helplessness like this. I watch as sweat begins to bead on her face. She's nervous. She gasps and claims it's difficult to breathe, but I know she's lying. She's just desperately seeking a way to gain back some of the control she gave up. The exaggerated gasping doesn't have the intended effect on me so next she starts pleading, first with her voice and then with her eyes, but that doesn't work either. I've seen this act before. Her feigned suffering makes me want to pull the straps tighter, to show her how easy I'm being on her, to show her how bad it can get, but I resist the urge. For now, anyway. If I'm patient, I can lure her in deeper. Later on, with a thick dildo buried deep in her cunt and a vibrator pressed hard against her clit, she gives in to the relentless buzzing and throbbing between her legs. I watch with faint amusement as she easily sucks air into her lungs in long full breaths, her attempts at deception now forgotten. She screams as her body writhes and convulses in orgasm. Her eyes glaze over with pleasure and now she is gasping for real, exhausted from the muscle contractions in her abdomen and thighs. All traces of the fear and hesitation that existed before are gone now, replaced with something else...raw lust. She's hooked, and there is no going back.

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February 13 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 11:24 ]
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Hogtied is pleased to offer you a taste of the Eastern bondage culture. We offer you an authentic view into the look and feel of Eastern Bondage and BDSM practices, shot on location in Japan with Japanese models. Renowned bondage master Osada Steve and Japanese bondage model Misa give us some exposure to the way bondage is practiced in this very different corner of the world. This week hogtied brings to you the BDSM world of Japan.

Metal, leather and wood like you ve never seen before


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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:34 ]
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Gia Paloma, nominated for 9 AVN awards and winner of a AVN's best g/g (lesbian) scene 2005 is this week's study into the realm of BDSM. With virtually no experience, Gia was looking forward to this shoot. Bondage is something she has fantasized about for some time. Only 20 years old and curious, we take her down a road I feel she will soon travel often. She was feisty and bratty, but in the end the ropes, flogger, and nipple torture turned her into a willing and beautiful submissive.


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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:38 ]
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Yellow Kitty is a wrestler on the Ultimate Surrender site. Up until her last match she wore a mask to hide her identity. Before this last match she was so confident she would win that she promised she would take off her mask and shoot for Hogtied if she lost. Well, thanks to Isis she was demasked and here she is, revealed for everyone! Yellow Kitty is a true bondage virgin. The first thing you notice about her is her smoking hot, sexy, amazing body. She did okay for a very first timer, don't you think?

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February 12 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:18 ]
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From the start, Tabitha Tucker makes it clear that she does not like to be uncomfortable. Such being the case, cyd focuses every scene on making Tabitha as uncomfortable as possible. She is afraid of heights, so he suspends her. She doesn't like to sweat, so he puts her in a latex straitjacket. She doesn't like to be humiliated, so he bends her over and ties her wrists to her knees and her hair to the ceiling while he canes her ass. He adds a tube gag forcing her to drool as the finishing touch. Finally, cyd gets tired of her so he hands her over to Sgt. Major to be manhandled and tossed around.

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February 10 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 07:03 ]
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Cowgirl gets some interesting 'wall ties'. At one point she is left with her arms spread wide, having to push against a 'comfortable' ankle tie in order to relieve the pressure on her arms.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:47 ]
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Donna's six hour ordeal relentlessly continues. What was simple pain and discomfort earlier has now become agony and torment.



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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:29 ]
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Maya comes back to us with the promise of girl "topping" her. Matt will have none of that. So the heat is turned up on our little lesbian, and she is helpless to stop the orgasms that rip though her body.


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February 09 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 10:19 ]
Free bdsm movie Black bdsm
Cowgirl is taken out to the countryside for some more outdoors bondage. First she is wrestled and bound to a convenient tree, then she is made to pull me around the garden several times on a cart. She also gets several suspensions.

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February 08 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:44 ]
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It`s hot in the small room. The lights give off waves of heat, slowly and steadily raising the temperature. My clothes are starting to stick to me and she hasnt arrived yet. By the time she finally shows up, sweat is beginning to drip into my eyes. She introduces herself and we briefly negotiate. She blows her nose and sniffles. I ask her about it and she says shes getting over a cold. She moves away and starts getting changed for the shoot. She makes small talk with some staff members. The conversation moves on to blowjobs somehow. She says shes embarrassed to watch her own porn. The shoot starts and I pick out equipment for the first scene. A collar, chain, manacles and metal bar to lock her body into a tight ball. A gag to make her drool. Tape with a rough, coarse surface to wrap around her fingers so wiping her nose will feel like sandpaper. A large mirror to force her to look at herself while a thick dildo takes turns fucking her mouth and her cunt. She squirms in a mixture of humiliation, discomfort and arousal, and cant resist when a vibrator is pressed against her clit. I let her orgasm once, then take the vibrator away.

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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